Austrian Skiing History

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  • Mathias Zdarsky, the so-called "Father of Alpine Skiing", started skiing in 1890. He altered his Norwegian skis by shortening them and later on he invented the first alpine binding for his skis, which he called Lilienfelder binding.
In 1896 he published his first book on skiing technique. Zdarsky Stem (skiing)|stemmed the downhill ski out, leaned inside to the pole, unweighted the inner ski and brought it parallel, he used rotation technique. He taught skiing and invented ski acrobatics.
The first slalom race was directed by Zdarsky and took place at Muckenkogel, Lilienfeld, in 1905.
  • Georg Bilgeri published the book "Alpine skiing" about Norwegian and Zdarskian skiing technique in 1910. He invented the use of two poles and focused on snow plow, snowplough turn|snow plow turns and Stem (skiing)|stem turns. With his program the first ski schools started their work in Tyrol.
  • Johannes Schneider invented the Stem Christie method of turning in 1910.
  • 1922 Hannes (originally named Johannes) Schneider founded Austria's first ski school in St. Anton. In the year 1926, two years after the formation of the International Skiing Association (FIS) in Chamonix, France, he published the book "Miracle of the Snowshoe" together with Dr. Arnold Fanck.
  • Toni Seelos invents the Parallel turn in the 1930s