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This small town is situated halfway between Cooma and Jindabyne and is approximately one hours drive to the snowfields. Berridale has very reasonable priced accommodation and ski hire available with a few places to eat out and a delightful country pub.

During the 1860s and 1870s Berridale was known as Gegedzerick, and a number of families established homes there during this period. Located on the main road from Cooma to the Snowy Mountains, the township grew around the homestead-store of William Oliver. Oliver called his 320 acre holding Berridale in memory of his old home of Berriedale in Scotland.

Berridale now has a current population of 800 and provides a range of services and facilities, both to those passing through and town based visitors. Many of Berridale's historic buildings are still in use today, of particular note St Mary's Church at Gegedzerick, the Berridale School, built in 1883 and the Berridale Inn.

The War Memorial opposite Berridale Inn the Memorial Park is dedicated to those who lost their lives in both World War I and II. This is one of the few war memorials with a crucifixion statue and this particular crucifixion is unique in that the feet are placed side by side rather that the usual position of crossed.

A well known feature of Berridale is the poplar trees planted by the children of Berridale School nearly one hundred years ago, and the landscape along the road to Berridale from Cooma, which is characterised by massive boulders, weathered by the constant cycle of heating and freezing.