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Location of California
Ski Season December - March
Ski Areas Northern California

Alpine Meadows
Boreal Ridge
Diamond Peak
Dodge Ridge
Donner Ski Ranch
Heavenly Ski Resort
Homewood Mountain
Kirkwood Ski Resort
Northstar at Tahoe
Squaw Valley Ski Resort
Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
Soda Springs
Tahoe Donner
Southern California
Kratka Ridge
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
Bear Mountain
Mount Baldy Ski Lifts
Mount Waterman
Mountain High
Sierra Summit
Snow Summit
Buckhorn Ski Club
Other areas
Badger Pass
Bear Valley
June Mountain
Mount Shasta Ski Park

Close to the Pacific means that the Californian resorts get plenty of moisture and when that is cold they get plenty of snow. However when it is warm they get plenty of rain.

California certainly isn't know for perfect dry powder (although it can get it and get LOTS of it) but it is known for lots of snow.

It tends to be either blue sky or snowing with not a lot of variation and when it snows it can snow a lot. Unfortunately the moisture content can mean it lives up to its nick name of "Sierra Cement" at times and powder days can often be followed by warmer weather making the snow sticky before re-freezing.

Californian snow has a lot going for it (just ask Glen Plake who grew up at South Lake Tahoe) and mostly that is volume of snow and regular blue sky days.

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