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Great way to spend time in the mountains and see the world. They type of work you do defines how much time you get to spend out on snow and so depending on what your priorities are (experience, seeing the world, maximum time on snow etc) will depend on what type of job suits best.

Typical jobs available in resort areas include:

Links to the various employment pages in Australia and around the world can be found at Snow Jobs


New South Wales

Unless you manage to get work at Charlotte Pass or Selwyn Snowfields, you will most likely be based in Jindabyne. Accommodation is in short supply and expensive, unless you get there early. Transport between Jindy and the resorts tends to be the use of the thumb and hoping someone takes pity.

Work in town tends to be in the nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, lodge/hotel and ski hire staff. There are some retail jobs around, but most of those will be taken by locals or returning staff. The service stations are another option and if you can get a good shift are great for skiing (work in the afternoon, ski in the morning - if you are lucky).

The trick to work in town is to get in early and make yourself known. If you make a good impression it makes it a lot easier if you plan on coming back for further seasons and you get the better picks of jobs.

If you have trouble finding work at first, try and stick it out as after a few weeks there are always some that don't work out, or decide they don't want to stay for the season, or find that they don't have enough money to wait until work picks up.

The amount of work around will depend on the snow, if it is late there will be less shifts and less money for you. Plan to take enough cash with you to last a couple of months when you first move there.

Be aware that Jindabyne is an expensive place to live at any time, but more so in winter.


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North America

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