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Location of Québec
Ski Season edit
Ski Areas Belle Neige

Bellevue (ski area)
Club Tobo-Ski
Camp Fortune
Edelweiss Valley
Grey Rocks
La Tuque
Le Massif
Le Relais
La Valinouet
Massif du Sud
Mont Adstock
Mont Alta
Mont Blanc
Mont Cascades
Mont Castor
Mont Chalco
Mont Edouard
Mont Fortin
Mont Gabriel
Mont Gleason
Mont Grand Fonds
Mont Habitant
Mont Kanasula
Mont Lac Vert
Mont Olympia
Mont Orford
Mont Orignal
Mont Rigaud
Mont Saint-Bruno
Mont Saint-Mathieu
Mont Saint-Sauveur
Mont Shefford
Mont Sutton
Mont Villa Saguenay
Morin Heights
Owl's Head
Parc du Mont-Comi
Pin Rouge
Ski Chanteder
Ski La Reserve
Ski Montcalm
Ski Sutton Inc.
Station de neige St-Pacome
Station de Ski Gallix
Val Mauricie
Val Negigette Inc
Val Saint Come
Vallee Bleue
Vallee du Parc

Quebec (pronounced [kwə'bεk] or [kə'bεk]) (French: Québec, pronounced [kebεk]) is a Canadian province, in Eastern Canada, surrounded by the province of Ontario, the James Bay and the Hudson Bay to the west, by the Ungava Bay to the north, by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the provinces of New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador to the east, and by the United States (the states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine) to the south.

The province of Quebec is the second-largest in Canada. It is the second most populated province, and most of its inhabitants live close to the banks of the Saint Lawrence River; the north portion of the province is sparsely populated.

The official language of Quebec is French; it is the sole Canadian province whose population is mainly French Canadian, and where English is not an official language. Quebec is also the sole territory north of the Caribbean Sea - aside from the thinly populated archipelago of St-Pierre and Miquelon - where French is spoken by a majority of the population. Part of New France until 1760, Quebec became a province within the Canadian Confederation at its founding in 1867.

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