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Whilst not normally consider one of the strongest nations when it comes to Winter Sports, England boasts a few unique and intriguing Ski Centres and Snowdomes, particularly in the North of the Country. The most well known outdoor snow ski centre is Yad Moss, close to the Cumbrian town of Alston, a single Poma lift serving several slopes staffed and groomed by local volunteers, altthough other sites exist throughout the North, with Raise and Weardale also being popular during snowy periods.


England has a temperate maritime climate, and the Ski Centres are subject to the whims of this. Some years can see tows operational for months on end, whilst other years see very little snowfall.

Snow Areas

Permanent snowsports facilities are located exclusively in the Lake District and Cumbria.

Getting There

Access by Road only, followed by hikes at most centres.

Visas and Documentation




Customs and Quarantine


Cultural Info

The rural folk which tend to participate in snowsports in Northen England can often pose an interesting cultural phenomenon to most outsiders. The recommended approach is to feel appreciative and humble that they are allowing you city types to come and ski in their fields. Making comparisons with Alpine resorts is generally frowned upon.

It should be remembered when using these Ski centres that they are primarily clubs, staffed by volunteers, not businesses, and therefore delays and breakdowns can be common.

National Holidays

25th/26th December, 1 January. However, if there is good snowfall on these days, that does not mean the centres will be definately shut, as any opportunity is seized upon.


Almost all permanent outdoor tows in England are accessable only by road followed by a short hike. The hikes in to Yad Moss and Raise are particularly difficult

Food and Drink

Yad Moss has a place where you can eat your packed lunch. Bring your own Butties. Raise has a little shed. Rumour on the hill at Yad Moss suggests theres a fantastic pasty shop in Alston.

Technology and Networks




Credit Cards

No English ski area accepts credit cards. Cash is king up here.


In Northern England people are more likely to offer you tips than the other way round. And not the monetary kind, either.

Health and Safety


Emergency Numbers


Medical Centers


Natural Disasters



Crime at English ski centres is almost unheard of.