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Fishing for trout in the Swampy Plains River at Geehi Flats on the Alpine Way.

There are trout in most rivers and lakes in the NSW high country. Fingerlings are released every year. There are trout in Perisher Creek in Perisher. If you look into the water off the bridge to the Skitube terminal you will see them.

Fishing in river is prohibited between the Queens Birthday weekend and the October long weekend. Fishing in lakes is permitted all year round.

The fingerlings are bred at Gaden Trout Hatchery near Jindabyne. The hatchery is open and there are regular tours. If you like looking at trout of various sizes, the tour is fascinating.



Mt Beauty

There is a closed season on trout in the rivers from end of June long weekend until first weekend in September. Fishing in the lakes and pondages is allowed all year round. Most of the lakes and pondages are part of the hydro-electricity scheme.

Kiewa River

The Kiewa River and its tributaries are popular trout streams, especially with fly fisherfolk. The locals have favourite spots that you may never hear about. But some of the best known are:

  • spillway of Mt Beauty pondage
  • opposite Mt Beauty caravan park
  • upstream of Tawonga caravan park
  • Redbank

Mt Beauty Pondage

This small picturesque lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout. The pondage exists to regulate water coming from the hydro scheme before it enters the Kiewa River. The level can vary greatly, so it's best to check the "tide" before deciding whether to fish here at a particular time. Fish from the embankment or a small boat.

Lake Guy

Halfway between Mt Beauty and Falls Creek is Bogong Village on the shore of beautiful Lake Guy. There is a basic ramp for small boats.

Rocky Valley reservoir

Falls Creek is next to this large dam. It is snowbound in winter and can be very bleak in any cold weather. There is a ramp for small boats.

Pretty Valley Pondage

Famed trout haven. No boats, even canoes, are allowed on this small waterway. But it has a great reputation for good trout. Don't forget the aeroguard.

Lake Hume

This vast dam on the Murray River is easily accessible from Mt Beauty via Tangambalanga.

Mitta Mitta River

The Mitta Mitta river makes a good day trip with reputed high success rates

Lake Dartmouth

On the Mitta Mitta river, not far from the town of Mitta Mitta. This is a seriously deep dark lake with a reputation for large trout.

Getting Help

There are 2 fishing guides in town. Both teach fly fishing. One tends to focus on short sessions in the immediate Mt Beauty area. The other specialises in day trips to wherever they're biting.


For the desperate, there are trout farms nearby

  • in the Ovens Valley not far before Harrietville
  • Near Lake Mountain, there is a trout farm near Buxton on the Maroondah Highway.
  • on the NSW side of the Murray River, just below the Hume Weir