Home made snow guns

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Why would you make snow in your back yard? Basically because it is fun, imagine having the only snow in your entire area in your own yard! How cool is that.

Numerous types of home made snow guns can be made, internal mix, external mix, fan guns, etc.

Free plans can be found on the internet from various sites now. Parts can be sourced from local hardware stores. Or parts/nozzels and even now already made snow guns can be bought from several suppliers.

Costs can range from under $150, up to $1000 depending on the gun you want to make/buy.

Basically, all you need is air and water. Temperatures from -2C and below work best. Though a wet snow can be made in warmer temps.

For a basic T gun (internal mix), all you need is a air compressor, some plumbing bits, hoses, and tap water.

For a External Mix gun, a air compressor, water pressure washer, plumbing bits, hoses, and nozzels.

Fan guns, usually consist of a multiple external mix set up and fan for extra throw of the snow.