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There are a number of resorts that are easily accessed from the town of Inawashiro.


The town of Inawashiro is located in the prefecture of Fukushima, just north of the large lake Inawashiro and south-east of the main city of Fukushima. Inawashiro is a rather spread out agricultural town without a really apparent commercial hub.

Getting there

From Tokyo the Tohoku Shinkansen line to Koriyama (approx 82 mins), then local Banetsu west line to Inawashiro (approx 40 mins). There are then various shuttle buses from the station to the resorts which are all free. Shuttle buses also operate from Koriyama to Alts Bandai.


Accomodation is spread throughout the region. Hard to say where the best location is. Doesn't appear to be any obvious hotels near the station or at least any with english websites. There are a few pensions around Inawashiro.

One very good one is An English Inn located on the edge of town in the forest ( a few minutes drive from the station. The owner can pick you up and drop you off. Meals are mainly western and very good.

There is also the large hotel Listel located at the Listel Park ski area. ( This is however quite expensive and the Listel ski area is perhaps the smallest and least interesring in the area. The hotel does though run shuttle buses to other resorts in the region as well as the station.

Ski areas

Inawashiro Resort
Alts Bandai
Bandai Kokusai
Listel Ski Fantasia
Yokomuki Onsen
Urabandai Nekoma