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Please make all lists alphabetic for ease of browsing. As lists grow in size consider breaking them down into sub groups if possible.

Also a short description about each would be good to include.

Australian Suppliers

  • Altitude
  • Ausski
  • Balmoral Boards Great selection of snowboard gear including accessories and spare parts. Free fast shipping over $100 Australia wide.
  • Bumps
  • Campstuff delivers across Aust by post and has great general camping sleeping bags, tents and outdoor gear. have used them more than once.
  • ESS Boardstore
  • Discount Snowboards
  • Funky Barry
  • globewalker - Direct distributor from Europe and online shop - Malachowski mountaineering down products and Brubeck extreme thermals. Get great prices in our Deal of the Day offers.
  • Inski
  • Jindabyne Sports
  • Larry Adler
  • Mainpeak Online Adventure Store
  • Nutcase Helmets Australasia delivers nationally and invites Snow retailers looking for a unique, high quality brand which is taking the
  • Paul Ski
  • Rhythm
  • Riderplus - Extensive Range of Quality Ski and Snowboard Gear at Internationally Competitive prices - Secure Sight.
  • SkiGearCheap - Online store delivering australia wide, they supply equipment and accesories from a huge range of companies. Shipping usually approx 2-3 days once order is confirmed via email. Come check out our site and email us if your after something you don't see on the page.
  • Snow Central
  • Snow N' Style Buys direct from manufacturers of big snow brands in China and ships them to Australia and New Zealand and Europe.
  • STM Snow Surf Skate

Offshore Suppliers

  • Altrec
  • Backcountry - 1 experience - I bought a snowboard from them just before Christmas, so a busy time but it landed in Australia in 3 days. Took 4 days to clear customs but a 7 day turn around was brilliant at that time of year. $110 for international expedited postage. Great experience all round.
  • Department of Goods (Previously Backcountry Outlet) - The clearance store for Backcountry/Dogfunk (Is this still current?). A lot of genuine bargains here with over 50% off US retail price on some items. A quick bit of google searching and you should be able to find a discount coupon which gives 50% off all stock. Gear (jacket, 2x gloves, helmet, 3x socks, 2x beanies, hoodie) cost me $145 to ship with delivery in a week.
  • - This is the clearance store for Outdoor Sports Centre in CT so they don't have a huge range but what they do have is very well priced, usually at least 50% off. They don't actually ship directly to Australia so just use a parcel forwarding service like or others to ship it to Australia.
  • Blue Tomato
  • Brociety - the Snowboard specific offshoot from Steep and Cheap. Shipping horrendous prices great. Best used with a mail forwarding agent in the US.
  • Buckmans - Excellent range, excellent correspondence and service. Great shipping rates to Australia. Highly recommend.
  • Cabelas - Primarily an outdoor/Hunting gear shop they have a good range of skiwear and associated accessories. Reasonable shipping to Australia. Bought a set of Spyder all leather gloves in one of their sales for about USD$55
  • Campstuff - Primarily an outdoor/camping gear shop they have a good range of sleeping bags, tents, general gear as well as some great leather jackets and associated accessories. Great shipping in Australia. Got a great warm (hot) sleeping bag last year and a tent this year.
  • Daddies Board Shop - Excellent range, great prices, reasonable shipping to Australia and excellent service. Highly recommend.
  • Dstructure Ski
  • Dogfunk Snowboard - Highly recommended. Shipping is expensive, they pricematch (even on shipping), so hit them up and do a comparison to another site (such as The House). Dogfunk chat staff are always extremely helpful though!!!
  • Easternboarder Snowboard
  • Eternal Snow An online retailer with great service and expertise. All employees ride the boards they recommend. Check out their Steal of the Day for great deals on gear and clothing.
  • Evogear - Great online retailer. I picked up a pair of Dynastar Legends and bindings on Wednesday, had them delivered by the next Monday. Great customer service, reasonable postage costs ($124 for a pair of skis/bindings). Goes the extra distance for its customers.
  • iskishopSki shop
  • ill23 Snowboard
  • reliable racing/ski site with loads of racing gear
  • Jibij Ski
  • Level Nine Sports - Level Nine Sports. Great for cheaper brand gear, especially for kids. i picked up a set of kids size 2 BOA boots brand new for my 7 yo son for USD $39.
  • Live to Board Snowboard
  • Montkid US Outdoor gear for kids, big name brands, very cheap and a huge range of stuff.
  • Moosejaw Gear
  • Mount Everest Ski and Snowboard Gear. Guaranteed in stock. Fast and Discounted International Shipping. Drop an email for a custom quote.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op Canadian supplier.
  • Norwaysports Helly Hansen and Arc Teryx when I last looked.
  • High performance racing wax, low-priced tools, and an extensive learn how to do it yourself tuning tips section. Team/club discounts available.
  • REI- Great range, good deals available, fast delivery (I ordered Wednesday, got my goggles less than a week later). Another vote for fast Delivery - Ski Boots arrived within a week.
  • Shred Shop Snowboard
  • Sierra Snowboard - 1 experience - Bought snowboard on Thursday, arrived on Wednesday. Good service, has chat room so you can get live help. Watch this website in late March for their end of season sale. I've just ordered about $700 worth of gear for $250 delivered, including Burton. They have no shipping restrictions on Burton.
  • Sierra Trading Post - Excellent US site - have used them numerous times to buy ski jackets, gloves, snow boots and thermal wear. Generally overstocks and end of line items. Adult & kids gear. Super fast shipping to Aus. Also sells skis, boots, boards & other outdoor equipment/clothing.
  • Ski Depot Ski - Brilliant. Purchased Fisher RX6 and FX12 bindings for $600 inc $100 shipping. They shipped the wrong binding at first and when I told them, immediately despatched the correct binding, and told me to keep the wrong ones. Highly recommended.
  • Ski Express
  • Spadout - kind of an outdoor gear/snowsports gear comparison shopping search engine. Often finds deals from little shops you'd never find otherwise.
  • Sportstop - Snowboard and Lacrosse shop. Primarily Flow Boards, Boots and Bindings. If you are happy to wear last season's bindings they often have some for USD$80-$90. Not sure about shipping.
  • Steep & Cheap Gear - Last minute specials. Very expensive shipping but still can be great value for items not big in Australia; I recently purchased an ice axe shipped (fast!) for $80AUD (total cost).
  • Shipping skis and boards can be pricey but they are a great source for boots, helmets, gloves, race protective gear, apparel, etc. Superb customer service and exceptionally low prices!
  • Tactics Snowboard
  • Telemark Ski Telemark & AT
  • Telemark Pyranees Telemark, AT & Snowboard Touring
  • The House Snowboard - Recommended. Communication was a bit slow, but they do a great deal. One of the 2 boards we got shipped had some really minor damage to it, we asked for a replacement, emailed some photos and packed it up to be shipped back. They sent us a new one, then told us not to worry about shipping the other back, it will be too expensive to ship it back to them! Score, got a free board!
  • Tightboards Snowboard - extremely bad reputation for collecting money then announcing that product is out of stock. Ask around before using.
  • Tramdock Ski offshoot of Steepandcheap. Part of the Backcountry site. Great prices if you can stay online until your item comes up for sale. Horrendous shipping, use a mail forwarding guy.
  • Trusnow Snowboard
  • Twin Tip Nation Ski
  • Untracked Ski
  • USA Outdoors Outdoor Gear
  • Vertical Urge Snowboard
  • XSportsProtective Sells protective gear - 2 experiences. Both negative with regards to cancelling items in orders without informing buyers.

Intermediary sites for buying from US

To buy restricted brands like Burton, Oakley, North Face from one of the above sites ( is the exception, they have no restrictions), you'll need to use an intermediary. These sites are based in the US, and place the order for you then ship it onwards, for a fee.
  • Orderfromtheusa is a QLD company so finally someone in Oz doing it who doesn't charge a fortune. They have an agent in the US that buys the items, and ships to Australia to your address. She does consolidating parcels from multiple stores. Also you don't have to pay up front, only once the items are delivered and packed to the US agent so if you change your mind you can still get a refund. Never had any problems, she even finds vouchers for me for free shipping in the US.
  • Submit your order for any ski and snowboard related items to these guys from as many retailers of your choosing. They will purchase the items for you, consolidate your items for free and then send it internationally to your address. My friends and I have recently bought some Burton and K2 bindings from them, and we received our goods within 2 weeks. Not bad seeing it came all the way from overseas.
  • uses an agent in the US to buy your goods, then ships to Australia via USPS. Fee is 5% of the item purchase price ($10 minumum fee). If you are ordering multiple items from different stores, PriceUSA are able to wait until they have received all of your orders and then package them together to save you money on postage. - 2 Experiences - One person recently bought heaps of North Face gear through Backcountry via PriceUSA, put the order in, no hassles and got their order about 2 weeks later. Another person bought Bonfire gear from evogear and sierrasnowboard through PriceUSA and received it within 13 days. Service was brilliant, with constant emails keeping you updated on the progress of your order and giving you peace of mind.
  • Parcelsforward - I was so sick of VPost that I searched around and found this guy, also called FairPricedShipping. Was USD$5 to join and he has flat rates for his services. He will do consolidation so you can buy a couple of things from different stores and they will put them all in 1 box to save on shipping. They will take things like boots/bindings out of packaging to save on volume (and therefore cost) for shipping if you ask. They e-mail you with shipping options and accept Paypal for payment.
  • Shop from any american store and have a US postal address, then have items shipped to international address.
  • vpostVery expensive, never used for skis before, however 3 shirts to be shipped to Australia cost me $55 US. Base their postage on volume weight, which most places do, but I've seen cheaper since.
  • - You set up your account and then buy your products as normal from any US website but get them to ship it to these guys. There's no set up fee or ongoing monthly fee and no extra fee for their service, you ONLY pay the shipping rate. I had a pair of skis shipped over and their rates were very competitive when compared to other parcel forwarding services. They use DHL to ship to Australia and my skis took 3 days to arrive after they received them from the ski shop, so very quick shipping. I'd use them again.

Other Links

  • Customs Info
  • Great rates, easy to navigate website
  • Free Online Classifieds
  • Ebay
  • - Comparison shopping site for ski and snowboard gear.
  • Bongo International - This online service will provide you with your very own US address. They allow you to buy from ANY vendors in the US and consolidate your items for free. Their rates are 50% off DHL's published rates. Great customer service!

OK, here's my version. Bongo's shipping rates are pretty expensive UNLESS you sign up for their subscription service. Subscription costs $15 per month whether you use it or not. If you subscribe they offer the discount shipping and they will do consolidations (e.g. put two things you've bought into one parcel to save you money), if you dont subscribe they wont offer cheap shipping or do consolidation. They appear to have been very aggressive in signing up online ski stores, the big attraction for smaller stores is that Bongo guarantee that they have verified buyers (that's us) credit card details. This gives smaller shops some peace of mind that they arent being ripped off. Personally, I cancelled an order for a DNA softshell jacket because the shop insisted I use Bongo! By the time I had added up the subscription (minimum 3 month commitment), adding another $45 to the price for Bongo membership wasnt worth it. I found another jacket elsewhere and had them send it to

  • Amazon - The same people that do the books. Often used by stores to clear out unsold stock. Can be hit and miss but you can pick up great deals, scored myself a brand new Helly hansen Jacket for about USD$75. Shipping complicated depending on whether Amazon is shipping or the original retailer is shipping.

Brand Websites