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The Main Range is a series of peaks that form the watershed between the Snowy and Murrumbidgee/Murray Rivers. The range extends from Kosciuszko to Tate, and includes Townsend, Anton, Anderson, Mueller and Twynam, as well as Tate and Kosciuszko.

The alpine tarns of Lake Cootapatamba, Lake Albina, Club Lake, Hedley Tarn and Blue Lake are tucked into folds and valleys off the Main Range. These tarns are the only glacial lakes on the mainland of Australia.

The range is gentle on its eastern side (where the resorts are) but quite steep and rugged on its western side. Part of this area is known as Little Austria. You can see the rugged side from viewpoints such as Geehi Flats and Scammels Lookout, easily accessible from the Alpine Way, and from Olsens lookout along a dirt road that leaves the Alpine Way to the right a couple of kilometres past Geehi Flats (travelling from Thredbo).

The easiest access to the Main Range is from Charlotte Pass or Guthega. See Bush Walking.