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Oukaumeden is about a 90 minute drive into the Atlas mountains from Marakech. The mountain has only a handfull of hotels and only a handfull of lifts. Three service some very basic and short green runs that are over run wth locals. There is though one double highspeed that goes well up the mountain and gives access to quite a few chutes, the best part is that there is almost no one else around as its mostly advanced runs with a couple of intermediate runs.

Snow is a little sporadic but when there is a decent amount of snow the experience is remarkable.

Lift prices are about 20Euro a day.

Eating on the mountain is the best in the world with freshly made tangines and mint tea available from a number of local vendors.

the local Berber people are very friendly but watch out for their crazy driving if they offer you a lift.

Equipmet hire is available on mountain but is very poor quality so you are better to bring your own.