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There is a temptation to assume that thicker socks are warmer. This is not so. There are several disadvantages to thick socks.

  • They can often bunch up in the boot, causing pressure points.
  • They are less precise in transmitting foot angle to the boot and ski.
  • They can get sweaty, damp and uncomfortable.
  • They are not really any warmer.

Most experienced skiers wear thin socks. You can spend a fortune on "specialised" socks for skiing, but, in this contributor's opinion, the cost benefit equation makes these unnecessary (assuming there is in fact a benefit). Your basic merino/acrylic sock will do. Long socks are a very good idea. If the sock is higher on your shin than the top of the boot there will be no pressure point at the top of the sock. Some people recommend wearing two pairs of socks. Don't.