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A charming ski resort set in the upper reaches of the Big Wood River Valley in central Idaho.

Often described as the original US resort it was made famous by a combination of cashed up Hollywood stars and the western Union railway in the 1930's and 1940's. It was the backdrop for Warren Miller's first movies and still boasts A-list residents from Arnold Schwarznegger through to Clint Eastwood Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Jamie Lee Curtis. It was also the preferred residence and is the final resting place of Ernest Hemingway.

Sun Valley is actually a true Hotel standalone resort but is often used to describe the whole area that takes in the major township of Ketchum from which it is separated by a short distance to the East(about 1 km)

There are two mountains. Dollar Mountain was the original hill servicing the Sun Valley Resort which is just over the road from it and boasted the USA's first chairlift.(A single seater that can still (partially) be seen outside a motel on the way into Ketchum.) It is now the go to destination for those just beginning snow-sports.

Serious skiers now head to Baldy Mountain on the Western side of Ketchum. This is a big mountain and the Ketchum township lies around its base. There are two access points to Mt Baldy. River Run Lodge is at the Southern entrance to Ketchum and the Warm Springs base area on the other side of town further North around the Mountain.

Like many North American resorts Sun Valley is even more popular in Summer.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful people,great shopping,relaxed atmosphere and skiing for all levels of ability...there's something for everyone in Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho