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Also adapted from skateboarding (which in turn adapted it from baseball), switchstance is the act of riding one's unnatural stance; switch for a regular footer is goofy, while for a goofy footer it is regular.

Switchstance is roughly equivalent to signing one's name with the wrong hand, and requires learning each movement and manouver in its mirror image. In skateboarding, switchstance requires both switching the front foot and shifting the whole stance towards the tail of the board; accordingly, switch stance as applied to snowboarding is most often a misnomer.

Regardless of which foot is forward, the bindings on one's snowboard are fixed, and thus the stance cannot be switched except with a screwdriver, and this is not easily done while one's feet are in one's bindings. Unless one rides a perfectly centered stance with equal amounts of angle on both bindings, switch is not really possible.