Tom Groggin

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Tom Groggin is an area on the Murray River. It is where the Alpine Way has a distinct elbow, turning north towards Khancoban.
Tom Groggin Station

There is a large camping area here, with numerous sites. The camping area is stretched along the Murray. There are pit toilets and fireplaces, but not much else.

Tom Groggin Station, on the Victorian side of the Murray is an idyllic cattle station with glorious scenery. The station has farmstay accommodation. The station can be reached across a bridge from the Alpine Way on the NSW side of the Murray. A few years ago there were rumours that a large, luxury resort would be built at Tom Groggin Station, but nothing seems to have come of that.

Tom Groggin is believed to be a corruption of the Aboriginal word 'tomarogin', meaning water spider.