United States of America Geographical Name Derivations

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Is a Spanish word meaning "higher". Alta History
Early miners discovered a very rich sliver lode here and named their camp Ute City after the Ute Indians of the region. Within the first year it had changed its name to Aspen, presumably after the Quaking Aspen which is a deciduous tree from the area.
Jackson Hole 
is named for David E. Jackson, an early partner in what became the famous Rocky Mountain Fur Company.
Kicking Horse 
Named after the Kicking Horse Rim which is the geological sequence of lower Paleozoic sediments in the area.
Rendezvous Peak/Bowl 
At Jackson Hole. The trappers and voyageurs had an annual getogether in Jackson Hole which they called a Rendezvous.
Squaw Valley 
Squaw is not an English word. It is a phonetic rendering of an Algonkian word, or morpheme, the root or morpheme, variously spelled "squa", "skwa", "esqua", "kwe", "squeh", "kw" etc. is used to indicate "female". Its relation to Squaw valley I do not know.
Began its existence as a mining camp. There are many explanations of the name, one of which is that transport folk were fond of saying "To hell you ride"" to newbies.
Mountains near Jackson Hole are named after women's breasts in French. They were named by trappers, and one can only think that, if they thought that the Tetons looked like breasts, they had been in the wilderness a little too long (or they had seen Madonna in her "Madonna's Bra" incarnation.)