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I have a lifelong love of the Australian mountains which probably began when I visited the original Lake Pedder as a 5 year old, shortly before it was flooded. But I also have a profound respect for the people who have lived and worked in the mountains for the past 170 years, so I'm definitely NOT a greenie.

I grew up in the country, but like so many country kids I came to Melbourne to go to university and never went back home.

While I ski the resorts, I also do a lot of backcountry skiing, low grade mountaineering, snowshoeing, day walks and extended hikes. Every year I run a couple of semi-commercial walking trips staying at 4 star accommodation with a choice of easy, medium or hard walks each day. I try to get to western Tasmania regularly to renew my dislike for button grass bogs, scoparia and climbing cliffs in the rain while carrying a stupidly heavy pack.

I'm currently collecting information on the history of:

- Victorian skiing 1919 - c.1970.

- Victorian hydro electricity.

- Cope Hut on the Bogong High Plains.

In a few years I hope to publish books on these subjects. If you have any information, I'd be very grateful to hear from you.

You can also contact me if you want me to run a cheap but well organised and professional hiking trip for a group of 20 - 45 people. These trips are better organised and managed than ones run by the commercial outfits and we stay in much nicer hotels or ski lodges for less than half the price.

Please phone 03 9380 8126 or email sisson dot dave at yahoo dot com dot au