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"Kiandra - Gold Fields to Ski Fields" By Norman W Clarke.

Book description:- Gold was discovered on the Gibson Plain in the Colony of NSW in 1859. Gibson Plain was more than 160 miles from the nearest town. This district was virtually unknown territory, the whole Colony was only a little over seventy years old and it was believed, by most, that snow never occurred in this part of the world.

Over 10,000 gold miners arrived in 1860, only about 250 remained by 1863. This book is the story of those families and tells why and how a mixture of Chinese, Norwegian, German and English nationalities inter-married and raised their children in such a desolate enviroment.

These families formed, what now has been proven to be, the first ski club in the world, at Kiandra on the Gibson Plain.

ISBN 0-646-46337-3 Printed 2006, published 2007. Hard, image laminated cover, coffee table size 187 pages. Many B&W photos.