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Narbethong Supply Run

Here is the recollections of one of the organisers of the supply run - luvthabumps.

First of all I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who donated goods and money, or contributed in any way with offers of help and support towards this supply trip.

Secondly a huge thanks to Skimax for getting on the phone early in the piece and kicking some butt to get some supplies down to Narby and helping me with liaison about who to speak to in Alex about getting through. Fortunately the road opened to Narby the day before we headed up, but I'm sure if it hadn't Skimax would have managed to procure a road pass somehow or another.

Bogong and I headed off around 8.00. By the time we hit the outskirts of Yarra Glen, evidence of the damage was all around. Yering Station / Chateau Yering had burnt paddocks right to the boundary. Between Dixons Creek and the Kinglake turnoff you could really see how bad the devastation was. I commented to Bogong that I'd never noticed the surrounding hills and valleys as the vegetation is so thick normally on the climb up to the Kinglake turnoff but now all the undergrowth is completely gone

Arrived at Alex and picked up a box of cleanup kits to take down. The relief centres were all well manned, but not many people around at all. This was the same at Buxton, where we dropped in to see if they had any spades / shovels we could take down. They didn't even have any cleanup kits so we left half a box with them and told them to contact Alex where we knew there another box sitting in the logistics centre waiting to be taken.

We arrived at Narby around midday after a bit of stuffing around at the cop shop in Alex, making sure the road was open, etc. Teckel was very glad to see us, especially Bogong and showed me around the place. We unloaded most of the electronic goods for her to distribute personally and then headed down to the pub to drop of the toiletries, chockies, etc all of which was very well received.

A team of chefs had arrived from one of the oil rigs to help with all the cooking and locals and vollys wandered in and out for a free feed . All the food , as I understand it, has been donated as well. The relief centre there is very well stocked now with household items, food, etc and a couple of truckloads of garden tools were due to arrive today and they have some great people in there getting everyone organised. They've certainly set about trying to get on with things as quickly as they can and it was great to see the insurance assessors are already in town , processing claims as quickly as they can. Unfortunately the two main timber mills in the town are completely gone, as is the other ski hire next door to Teckel's place.

The resilience of these people is great. You'd never imagine what Teckel has been through, seeing her helping others out, on the phone organising things, she was printing info sheets for one of the enviro guys to let everyone know about putting out sugared water mix for the bees, who would otherwise die and then there would be none around to pollinate the flowers as they grow back! Who would think of these things at a time like this - not this townie!

Anyway, my take is that at the moment people need a little bit of space and time, to let the assessors do their job, sift through their remains for memories, let the demo crews do their job and then probably then we could get in and help out with further cleanup and support the town by having a big feed at the pub. They're already planning for the winter and expect some skiing to be done at Lake Mountain and Teckel will be BUSY if that happens as she is the only ski hire within cooee of LM.

I've said to Tecks there's a bunch of us ready to go and help out with cleanup wherever we can and she should call on us as soon as she sees a need. The only thing that has me a bit worried is that Teckel suggested Fangin' should be the foreman

Anyway, as I said everyone up there was soooo appreciative of the donations, gifts and well wishes that you all sent up, so thank you all again.