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Location of Carinthia
Ski Season edit
Ski Areas Arnoldstein-Dreiländereck

Turracher Höhe

General description

Carinthia is the sunniest "Bundesland" in the whole country. The resorts there don't offer freshies for every morning, but if you like the skiing on well groomed slopes, then Carinthia is a place for you. The largest resort is Nassfeld, which lies at the very southern part of the country, at the austrian-italian border. Nassfeld offers more than 110 km groomed slopes and a lot of backcountry routes. The second largest ski locale is Bad Kleinkirchheim, which offers about 100 km groomed skiruns. The land has also a glacierresort; Mölltaler Glacier. Close to Mölltaler lies Heiligenblut, the nice village in the shadow of Großglockner. Großglockner is the highest mountain in Austria, and its peak nearly hit the 3800 m! Heiligenblut is really an unique place in Carinthia as well as in Austria. It's a wonderful feeling to ski so close to "The Mountain". If you are seeking for family resorts, then Carinthia is also a place for you. In my opinion one of the best family resort is Gerlitzen, near Villach. Gerlitzen offers wide, well groomed slopes, mostly blue and reds. But even the reds skiruns aren't so hard and if you will find the red slopes to hard for you, then you have a chance to by-pass the steeper passages on gentle skiruns.


The season

Usually starts at the beginning of December and ends at the beginning/middle of April. You have the most snowy days - not counting Mölltal - in Nassfeld (very snowsure, even in a crap season), Turracher Höhe and Heiligenblut.

The weather

Mostly sunny with bluebird sky, a little bit like in the Dolomites. Usually the northern part of the Carinthia is snowiest (Turracher Höhe etc.) The other resorts become snow, when the wind blows from south, southwest. This winddirection often occures heavy snowfall. January could be very cold with - 20, - 30 C. Spring conditions are dominating from middle march till the season finish. In higher elevation you will be have even in April midwinter conditions.

How to get there

In Klagenfurt are an international airport. From Vienna just drive at the highway A2 (Südautobahn) to Villach, Klagenfurt etc.

Summerski, it is possible?

Yes, Mölltaler Glacier is an all year round skiresort. At the glacier it is possible to ski even during the hottest summermonth. But note, that during the summer the glacier is only open, if the weather is fine.

Prices - general overview

A daycard for adult cost between 21 and 36 €, depending on the size of the resort. In the restaurants costs a beer about 3,50 €. Ski hire/day: ~ 20 €

Busiest periods

Generally Christmas and New Year and the whole February (school holidays). Eastern could be also busy, but it's depending on the time of the Eastern. If Eastern is at the end of March, then this time could be also busy, but if the Eastern is in the middle of April, then don't worry;)

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