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Cross country skiing is like bushwalking on skis (or, for racers, like a sprint or a marathon, depending on distance).

The heels of cross country ski boots are not attached to the ski so that the heels lift permiitting a much more natural stride than with downhill boots. The skis are waxed, or more commonly have a patterned base so that they slide forward easily, but do not slip back. This allows the skier to climb up hills and to have something to push against while sliding the opposite ski forward.

Cross country is generally a little faster than walking as, if correct diagonal stride technique is used, you get a bonus slide with every step. A fit skier on touring gear can cover up to 30 km in a day. Racers and lunatics can go much further.

There are two basic techniques. Skating, where the skier pushes off from the edge of a ski, and diagonal stride, or classic, where the skis are kept parallel.

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