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What is SIC?

SIC stands for Sno-Info Conference. The Sno-Info part dates back to the early days of when it was also known as Sno-Info, the Conference part of the title is a mockery of the word Conference. The first ever SIC was held in 1999 at Falls Creek and each year they move to a new resort, 2004 completed the cycle through the resorts which will started again in 2005.

SIC cycle

  • Falls Creek
  • Hotham
  • Thredbo
  • Charlottes Pass
  • Buller
  • Perisher Blue

What SIC really stands for is community. Some of the members of the forums get together at an agreed place and time and ski/board and party together. Putting names to faces, developing friendships and generally having a good time. It is not about being a great (or even good) skier/boarder, it is about loving the sport and wanting to spend time with others who also love the sport.

What SIC Isn't

  • It is not a showcase for your skiing/boarding talents. It is about friendships more than anything.
  • Organised! Seriously it isn't. It is a loose gathering of people in a common place, organisation is kept to a minimum and you choose to ski/board with whoever you want and join in the partying as much or as little as you want.

Should I Go To a SIC?

If you are a member of the online community here then you should consider it. If not testing the waters online first is probably wise! There are 6 originals that have made every SIC so far and a growing number of regulars that have now made 3 or more in a row. It is a great way to ski and experience new resorts and meet new people but it cannot be emphasised enough it is a very very casual weekend!

2007 Thredbo