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Is it just going downhill fast on a pair of planks?



There are several sub-disciplines or sub-styles within skiing that utilise different equipment and techniques.


Main Article: History of Skiing


Skiing has a vocabulary all of it's own; some of the more common terms you will hear are piste, fall line, run, out of bounds, in bounds, slow zone, (terrain) park, lift, platter, poma, chair, t-bar, base building, gate, traverse, (etc - link to relevant sections of wiki)

Getting Started

Skiing is the type of sport that can be enjoyed socially or taken extremely seriously. While getting started involves some preparation and practice, the good news is that the snow sport industry is geared towards making things easy for newcomers.

As you interact with people, let them know it is your first time they will be able to provide you with the best support and service.

More Information: New to the Snow

Basic Equipment




Where to Go

Depends on budget, season and type of skiing.

Resorts Backcountry


Casual vs professional



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