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re: ctrl c - ctrl v I linked it back to the Canberra entry so that it only needed to be updated and checked on in one place :)

But, as it is information relevant to both places, in my view it should be available in both places. This is not about ownership of entries but availability of information.

Order of stuff in Wikiski equipment

The equipment category has grown like Topsy and with 24 articles, it's already pretty big and it will probably continue to grow. :) However it's getting hard to find things because the articles are not in a logical order. Sometimes the order can actually be misleading. eg. after discussing Skis, ski boots and ski bindings, the next item is skins. So it would logical to assume that it would refer to ski skins, but "skins" actually refers to a brand of thermal underwear and the skins article is nowhere near the discussion of other types of thermal underwear. There are lots of other incongruities too.

At the very least the category should be split into snow equipment and snow clothing categories. I've contributed a few of these articles, but there's no way any one of us should take it upon ourselves to rearrange the whole category. Perhaps that's why we have moderators. Here is my idea of a more logical order. If we don't do something to impose a logical order, it will get even more complex. What do other people think? Bogong.


1 Skis, ski boots and bindings

1.1.1 Alpine skis

1.1.2 Alpine ski boots

1.1.3 Alpine ski bindings

1.2.1 Alpine touring skis

1.2.2 AT boots

1.2.3 AT bindings

1.3.1 Cross country- Dowhill skis

1.3.2 XCD boots

1.3.3 XCD bindings

1.4.1 Cross Country Skis

1.4.2 XC boots

1.4.3 XC bindings

1.5 . Accessories for skis [ski skins, riser plates, etc]

2 Non ski snow equipment

2.1.1 Snow boards

2.1.2 Snow board boots

2.1.3 Snow board bindings

2.2 . Snowshoes

2.3 . Mountaineering

3 Clothing (Spilt this category into: Goggles, raincoats, socks, etc)

4 Advice (Split this category into: Hiring, Tuning, What to buy first, Doodaddies, etc)

Good idea. When I started it I was maintaining what I thought was a logical clustering, then Ian D decided alphabetical order was the go.

Thanks for the feedback, Ian S. As I said earlier, this category is already getting hard to navigate and will probably double in size to 50 articles. If a couple more contibutors to "Equipment" agree that my suggested order is good, (or have alternative suggestions), I'll email Ian D to see what he thinks, and then spend a few hours reorganising stuff in a logical order. I used to do a fair bit of classification for my job, and while I haven't done it for years, it seems I can't get out of the habit. :) - Bogong.

13 Feb Bogong.

Oh well, I see that Ian D. has been changing the order of stuff in equipment to make it more alphabetical, so I suppose that means no to my idea of a simple but logical classification. :( Still, I bet confusion will reign when we get to 50+ articles in the equipment category and related things are even more widely dispersed!

Could we at least seperate it into clothing and snow hardware? It could be alphabetical within these broad categories.