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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Editing Overview]]
*[http://en.wikipedia.com/wiki/Help:Editing Wikipedia Help:Editing]
*[http://en.wikipedia.com/wiki/Help:Editing Wikipedia Help:Editing]

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Quick Start

All content relating to snow sports is welcome on wikiski.

Edit an existing page

Note: Please do not delete any information on the page unless it is wrong.

Text formatting

Add a new page

Add a new page

1. Create a link on an existing content page using a relevant keyword (ie. [[West Mountain]] will create a link to a new page called 'West Mountain'), then save the existing page.

2. Click on the newly created link 'West Mountain' (will be in red) and this will create a new page ready to add content (see image right).

3. Select a Content Template using the link underneath the text input area (see image right). Choose a relevant template and copy its pre-structured text.

4. Paste the template into your text input area (use your back arrow to get there).

5. Save to view your new page. Then edit away from there!

Note: In order to keep this wiki well structured and information easy to find, we ask you to only create new pages related to the Main Categories.

Add a category

  • Link to an existing category: Add [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]] to the bottom of the page and replace CATEGORY NAME with one of the categories.
  • If you use a category that doesn't exist then it will appear as red so you know you have done something wrong or just created a new category!

See also