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Quick Start

Editing guide that shows layout tips and tricks.


Add new pages easily using our pre-styled content templates.


What you can and can't do in this wiki.


Before you can start editing you will need to register.


Share your thoughts in the coolest online community.


Who is wikiski? and what's it all about?

Template:Quicklinks Welcome to wikiski - brought to you by ski.com.au. This wiki is designed to be a repository of knowledge and information about all things to do with snow sports both in Australia and around the world. Please feel free to add your knowledge to the pages here and make it the ultimate repository of information for Australian snow sports.

To find the information you want here either navigate via the Quicklinks (right) into a category that you think may cover what you are after or use the search on the left hand side to see what is in wikiski about your subject of interest. If the search finds nothing it will give you the option of creating a page about that information. Please link it to a category when you create it, you can link to multiple categories. If you find it by search but it isn't in the category you looked for it in then add it to that one as well!

Getting started

We have set up an About wikiski page as background information about this site and a How to Contribute page which details how to edit a page or create a new one. To learn some of the basics have a play in the sandbox which has been setup for new users to try things and get comfortable with how to edit before editing live articles.