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Other areas in Victoria.

Back Country Awareness Please read the following articles bfore considering going back country and research widely. Do not use information provided here as textbook accuracy as anyone can edit it. Double check anything found here and consult with experts before heading beyond the resort boundaries. People die in the back country every year, don't add your name to the list.

Backcountry ski areas are widely dispersed in Victoria. In addition to the major areas, there are many little known but worthwhile destinations. --David Sisson 17:50, 22 August 2006 (EST)

The Cobberas (1810 m) The Cobberas are the southernmost extension of the Main Range of the Snowy Mountains. There are five named peaks on the remote, scrubby range, but no facilities. Access is via the Benambra - Seldom Seen Road in Victoria or a two day ski from Dead Horse Gap near Thredbo in N.S.W.

Dargo High Plains and The Blue Rag Range (1718 m) Access to the Dargo High Plains is from either end of the Dargo - Mt St Bernard Road (closed in winter). The high plains are characterised by undulating snowgum woodland with occasional areas above the treeline. To the west, the spectacular Blue Rag Range offers very scenic skiing along a fire track.

Mt Nunniong (1630 m), Mt Nugong (1482 m) East of Swifts Creek.

Mt Pinnibar (1770 m) A remote mountain that rises above Tom Groggin Station on the Indi River. First skied by Tom and Elyne Mitchell in the 1930’s, access is via forestry roads to the west or via the Alpine Way in N.S.W. and then by foot through Tom Groggin.

Mt Skene (1571 m) The high point of the road between Jamieson and Licola (closed in winter), Mt Skene provides attractive ski touring, on tracks through snowgum woodland with occasional views of nearby mountains. The best skiing is along the road and in the summit area. Until it burnt down in 2005, the Jamieson Ski Club Hut provided comfortable on mountain accommodation. There is some doubt whether permission will be granted for it to be rebuilt.

Mt Torbreck (1514 m) The highest mountain near Melbourne, Mt Torbreck is accessed via the Snob's Creek road. The mountain is fairly steep and may not be suitable for light skis.

The Twins (1703 m) The Twins are a steep mountain south-west of Mt St Bernard on the Great Alpine Road (B500). Winter access to the treeless summit area is best gained by a fire track that diverges from the forestry road 3 km west of the summer walking track.

Mt Wills

  • Backcountry Run Rating
  • RATING: Approach I Steepness S2 to S5
  • PITCH: Gentle to Cliffs
  • ELEVATIONS: 1753 m

Access and Trip

Views from Mt Wills

Mt Wills is a really interesting place to ski. It's a wide granite ridge, with several rocky peaks. There is a large and comfortable refuge hut on the summit ridge. Some pleasant runs off the east side. Great views of Mt Bogong. Mostly forest, with some small clear areas.

Access is from the Omeo Highway (C543) via the Tallangatta Ski Club Hut.

Views of Mt Bogong

Great views across to East Gippsland area from the summit. Some limited climbing in summer. Lovely place but I wouldn't go there for a full weekend, more suited for a day walk and in summer take a mountain bike - much more fun on the way down


  • Approach : Very easy, gentle uphill approach on a fire road which should take around 3 hours in winter.
  • Summit consists of rocky granite knolls separated by snowgrass meadows, mostly heavily forested otherwise.
  • The snow on the east face can be suprisingly nice and fast with a light dry and fresh cover, slope angle is somewhere around 25deg or so, but drops into 35-40 deg quite dramatically. 2 rides and it was all tracked out!

GPS References

  • Mt Wills - 0542128 5925744
  • Mt Wills South - 0542575 5923352
  • Intersection with Omeo Highway - 0544862 5922980 just off Bogong O.L.S. Map.
  • Intersection 4wd Track and track coming up from Big River Saddle - 0541276 5926842
  • Big River Saddle - 0539280 5926940
  • Gate on 4wd Track - 0541588 5927684


Mt Wills Summit and hut

Average Snow Depth: It'd have to be around 80cm.

The negatives are it's a fairly small skiable area, so there's not really enough skiing to fill a weekend. Also, it's a long drive from Melbourne.


The Tallangatta Ski Club Lodge on the lower slopes is a private lodge with a ski tow and is only available to members and their guests. The comfortable Mt Wills Hut near the summit has a large living room/kitchen and two bedrooms that accomodate four people each.

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  • Bogong Alpine Area 1:50,000
  • Mount Wills: 1:25,000