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Template:Quicklinks Pet theories are the most fun aspect of snow prediction, everyone that has been going to the snow for a few years has their own pet theories. Some may have some loose basis in fact and some are just good fun.

Adelaide 14 degrees and rain If Adelaide is forcast to get rain and the temperature is 14 degrees or less then the cold wet air is on its way and will fall as snow when it reaches the alps.

Canberra 10 degrees and rain If the forecast is for rain in Canberra and 10 degrees celcius or less then it will be snowing in Thredbo down to the village.

One Hundred days after the first frost This one is down to Didi at Dinner Plain. 100 days after the first big frost at Dinner Plain equates to the first big snowfall for the season. This one supposedly worked every year from 2000 - 2005. Unfortunately it didn't work in 2006.

Pelican numbers on the East Coast When pelican numbers decline on the east coast of Australia this is because they are flying inland to a wet interior. A wet interior means that the air mass moving over the continent picks up moisture and hence we have a good season.