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[http://www.australianalps.deh.gov.au/publications/fire/history.html History of Fire in the NSW Alps (pre 2003)]
[http://www.australianalps.deh.gov.au/publications/fire/history.html History of Fire in the NSW Alps (pre 2003)]

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Aboriginal Heritage

RTA History of bridge over Diggers Creek (and some other stuff)

Assessment of Mining Heritage

Comprehensive article on NSW Huts

Monaro Pioneers, a site with all kinds of historical information.

Kosciuszko Huts Association

Contemporary Letters - 1880s of Barcroft Boake from Adamainaby. Interesting reference to Kiandra being snowed in.

Thredbo Heritage Assessment and a little bit of history

So who was this Kosciuszko bloke?

Illawong Lodge Conservation Plan The first pages of this large pdf have some interesting historical information.

Brief history of the Kosciusko Alpine Club

Kiandra Historical Society

Ecological Assessment of the Alps, including an ecological history

History of the Brindabella Ski Club gives a feeling of what skiing was like in the fifties and sixties.

The Tyrell Collection of the Powerhouse Museum contains many photos by Charles Kerry, a commercial photographer and pioneer of skiing in NSW

History excerpt from the NPWS Currango Plan of Management

Snowy Mountains Scheme Memories

History of Fire in the NSW Alps (pre 2003)