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Introduction was one of the first snow sports websites in Australia and was established in July 1995 to primarily service online snow reports. It has grown a lot since then and now provides a modest range of stuff to someone wishing to visit the snow in Australia.

It was called initially known as SnoInfo, highlighting its focus in the early days of providing information about snow sports and the related services that punters require to have a good time in the snow fields.

The two principal protagonists, Ian and Richard, have slaved tirelessly to bring Australia the premier snow resource in the country. Some could say, the world.

It is supported by an avid (rabid?) army of volunteers who have formed a community that is physical and virtual, sustained over most of the site's life. An annual conference at a ski resort brings both the owners and the army together to share life's pleasures.



Established in July 1995 when one of the founders approached a local Newcastle ski shop about putting snow reports online. Initially it was just NSW snow reports and based on the daily faxes that were sent to Ian at Uni and updated from there.

Unfortunately no screen grabs exist of the original website.


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Front page 1996


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Front page 1997


No screen grab exists of this year


We actually commissioned a graphic designer this year!
Front page 1999


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Front page 2000


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First Front page 2001


The year of "the change" from Sno-Info to as the brand.
First Front page 2002
Second Front page 2002


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Front page 2003


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Front page 2004


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Front page 2005


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