Unusual snow events in Australia

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Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Snow on Mt Sugarloaf

It snowed in 1965 and again in the early 1970's on Mt Sugarloaf which has an elevation of about 350m and is about 20km SW of Newcastle.

Another image from Mt. Sugarloaf in 1965 can be found here http://www.lakemac.infohunt.nsw.gov.au/lmphotos/lak045/LAK04586.JPG. If someone can properly put this photo on wikiski that would be great (wiki noob here).



South Australia




In June 2007 Jan Juc (an hour south west of Melbourne and at sea level) received heavy snow which was described in the Geelong Advertiser as a once in 10 year event.

Northern Territory

On rare occasions snow has fallen on Uluru. One such occasion was in July 2007.

Western Australia

Snow falls on the Stirling Ranges in most winters. It does not staylong.