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Thanks for the pic Ian.

Sadly I'm not sure I can really add "Unknown lift at unknown date at unknown location somewhere near Smiggins". So I will leave it. :(

However if you find out anything more please feel free to add it yourself. :)

Actually, Perisher and Buffalo are the two resorts which still need a lot of attention. I know Buffalo and the historical resources and I haven't been able to find anything more. I think I've come to a dead end.

But I'm pretty clueless on Perisher, so feel free to play around with it in any way you feel like. I think it was you that added the comment that the lifts used to be numbered. Since I'm pretty vague on Perisher, I can't work out which lifts used to have which numbers, so if you'd like to add numbers after the explorer names that were later given to the lifts, I'd be very grateful.

It is a bot, but the sort of automatic rejection you suggested is apparently not possible in this version of the software :( D-eye 19:29, 6 August 2009 (EST)