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First, I presumed that "on-mountain" is short for "on-mountain accommodation", in which a hyphen is required to cojoin a double adjective. If you believe this is not the construction, it will have to be "On the mountain", spelled out.

It has taken a long time since typewriters went out of vogue for lower case to become standard in titles, but that is certainly true now for up-to-date publications (certainly it applies to wiki titles, which are already highlighted by three formatting devices: bold face, larger font and separate line). "Title case" Removes a Whole Level of Meaning From The Marking Of Proper Nouns.

Editorial comments are in standard use on wikis, and can be seen only in edit-mode. They look <!--like this-->

You can easily sign your name with four tildes (~~~~)Tony 17:26, 20 June 2009 (EST)

Are you the "owner"?

Or perhaps I should say "Are You The "Owner" ... If so, I suggest you tell your mate Ian S to cool it. Otherwise, there will be legal trouble. Wikis can be dangerous places, so it is best to make clear to all parties guidelines for avoiding abuse in article space and personal talk pages. It is a public forum. Tony 12:39, 21 June 2009 (EST)

lol no I am not the owner, the owners are You can contact them through the support forum link on the left. Wikiski came about for a couple of reasons. On the forums at every year people would ask the same questions over again about skiing, various resorts and trips overseas but because of the way the forum worked the information would disappear. Between that and several users suggesting it the owners decided to set up the wiki. I have inhabited the forum for a number of years (my profile page on the forum is linked from my profile page here) and helped out with some of the initial testing of the wiki and contributed some initial information on the resorts and towns I am familiar with. These days my main contribution is to remove spam and update links on pages I am familiar with when they change. I watch quite a few pages that are spam targets so I get email notification when they are edited. If I go to a new resort or country I update their page, but that doesn't happen much. Although it uses the same platform as wikipedia it is more like wikitravel but more skiing focused and the content guidelines are not as strict as either of them, style is not so important as actually building new content in the many empty areas of the site (see ). In the initial wiki the content was mainly for Australia, but has been spread world wide in this version. Ian S having skied and travelled extensively has contributed a lot if not most of the information across the site, even if he is grumpy he does provide good information. Other users have other focuses, Bogong for example concentrates on the history of the resorts and skiing in Australia, others focus on Japanese resorts, others US resorts. As for suing, well I can't remember a year where someone hasn't threatened to sue or use legal action against someone else in the world online skiing community, the only one I can recall going anywhere was the Kerrison - Abraham saga which rendered aus.snow and rec.skiing.alpine almost dead and is still going 10 years later. D-eye 13:20, 21 June 2009 (EST)

What if I want to buy a penis extender? Have you asked Ian whether you can put a filter in place to reject registration of any user with "buy" in its name (assuming that this is a bot of some sort.

Ian s