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I've compiled a list for Ian D to deal with when he gets back.  [[User:D-eye|D-eye]] 09:06, 27 July 2009 (EST)
I've compiled a list for Ian D to deal with when he gets back.  [[User:D-eye|D-eye]] 09:06, 27 July 2009 (EST)
Good, although I think Ian can pick them up quite quickly.

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I've compiled a list for Ian D to deal with when he gets back. D-eye 09:06, 27 July 2009 (EST)

Good, although I think Ian can pick them up quite quickly.

not sure how this talk stuff is supposed to work, so you can be my guinea pig

hope this isn't supposed to be one-up-man-ship, cause I can't play. I thought you'd have given us pages of local birdlife

ok, so now we know how talk works (sort of)

thanks for the reply. wasn't serious about the oneupmanship - just no convenient winking emoticons

miss you on the normal forum, but glad to see you contributing. I always found you witty rather than offensive, but that's how it goes I suppose. for a while I thought you had been reborn as schaden freude, sounded like a name you would appreciate, but alas no it must be filski.

good to see that you love thredbo and surrounds as much as i love falls and mt beauty

Hi - Re Melbourne (love your work btw) I suspect it is there as it is a gateway to get to the snow.(If you are flying from Perth perhaps) I guess there could also be lists of ski hire and sales places *shrug*. I keep thinking about doing a Canberra page, simply because a lot of people have to go through it to get to the snow and there are occasionally questions about bus/plane/train transfers and day trips on the board. D'eye.

I think snow related info, like ski & board shops, makes a great deal of sense. I have been considering starting one for Sydney. But Melbourne people have this weird obsession and I can't help myself.

you might find this amusing http://forum.ski.com.au/ultimate/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=000250;p=1 (if you haven't already seen it.)

Yeah. I did. I actually sent an email to Ian D (Peace be Upon Him) telling him that if he didn't tell thm to pull their heads in I would start to delete my material. That seems to have given him reason to think. If you check the editing history you will see that Adminh (typo, but I like the Vietnam touch) deleted one of my efforts. As far as I know Admin is Ian.

I got the impression that Admin was a couple of them, nothing says for sure though :) I notice that no one from Melbourne has added anything much to that entry yet. Oh well, maybe with time.

Stop being so bloody precious Ian S. If you're so bloody wonderful, concentrate on doing what you do well, rather than being an utter jerk. And FYI, Ian has not told me to pull my head in.

If only the energy was devoted to actually contributing....

ATM cards

Ian Trying to work out how this talk thing works.

Re the ATM card bit, not really sure if I want it directly on the Travel page or as a link. Still feeling my way in this. I just added a 'Money' heading as there are plenty of other aspects that could be added, so that could be a subject on it's own. I just wanted to highlight some of the traps I have fallen into (losing cards in Chamonix and Vladivostok). Having it as a link means I can link directly link to that specific bit when someone asks about them.


my edits

Who is the readership? If it's aimed at overseas visitors as well as Australians, some of the cracks will not be understood, even by native English-speakers who are not Australian; even I had to read a couple of them twice to get it. There's a difference between being friendly and being off-hand, especially on an international site where cultural patterns are specific. There are also variations in tone through the text that need to be ironed out for a satisfying read. It's quite hard to put yourself in the minds of the readership: but that is what is required.

May I ask, what are the purposes of the text for you? Presumably to inform and enthuse a wide audience that is or might interested in skiing in Australia. There may be other purposes, so please let me know. Tony 19:39, 17 June 2009 (EST)

Pity you've got attitude. Most entries are poorly written. Advertising slants will mean it's not taken seriously. And ... worst of all ... you've got attitude. If the "owners", with whom you seem to be connected (paid by?) don't want any changes, and you seem to accept only "additional" information, it's not a real wiki, and should not be promoted as such. It's a sham. I'll be recommending people avoid it as a commercial ruse, and a shabby one, if this it the case. Who would bother? Tony 16:51, 20 June 2009 (EST)

Here's your problem. It is a resource for skiers, worldwide, not a marketing tool. In fact I assume that two people wrote your message as there are two diametrically opposed attitudes in the first and second paragraphs. Why do you think it is a commercial ruse, ferchrissakes? It is you who decided to excise material you thought was vaguely critical of Australia. Take a few deep breaths. Read the whole wiki. So suck in my "attitude", add useful stuff instead of removing it, and remove the brick from your arse.

The first rule of a wiki is not to be rude, let alone abusive. You have been both: your very first, one-sentence message to me, announced that I'm "boring". OK, have it your way. Just don't be as abusive to skiers on your snowboard, please. Tony 00:55, 21 June 2009 (EST)
Oh, and Ian S, whoever you are: here's a serious warning: accuse me of schizophrenia again—as you did in your edit summary—and I'll take legal action. Tony 01:04, 21 June 2009 (EST)

Sue away.

Be VERY careful about exposing yourself to legal action

Just try me. Tony 12:36, 21 June 2009 (EST)

I said sue away. Go for it. I wait, agog, for your writ.