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not sure how this talk stuff is supposed to work, so you can be my guinea pig

hope this isn't supposed to be one-up-man-ship, cause I can't play. I thought you'd have given us pages of local birdlife

ok, so now we know how talk works (sort of)

thanks for the reply. wasn't serious about the oneupmanship - just no convenient winking emoticons

miss you on the normal forum, but glad to see you contributing. I always found you witty rather than offensive, but that's how it goes I suppose. for a while I thought you had been reborn as schaden freude, sounded like a name you would appreciate, but alas no it must be filski.

good to see that you love thredbo and surrounds as much as i love falls and mt beauty

Hi - Re Melbourne (love your work btw) I suspect it is there as it is a gateway to get to the snow.(If you are flying from Perth perhaps) I guess there could also be lists of ski hire and sales places *shrug*. I keep thinking about doing a Canberra page, simply because a lot of people have to go through it to get to the snow and there are occasionally questions about bus/plane/train transfers and day trips on the board. D'eye.

I think snow related info, like ski & board shops, makes a great deal of sense. I have been considering starting one for Sydney. But Melbourne people have this weird obsession and I can't help myself.

you might find this amusing;f=8;t=000250;p=1 (if you haven't already seen it.)