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wikiski is an initiative of aimed at harnessing the wealth of snowsport knowledge the general public have tucked away in their heads. By sharing this information with others everyone can benefit from the wealth of knowledge of others and make your snow sport experiences so much better.

What type of information is here

Anything to do with snowsports basically. Details of lift ticket prices or resort statistics to personal memories of a resort experience. What ski/board should I choose and why, history of snow sports and anything else you want to include as long as it is about snow sports or the alpine areas. Try and keep it factual unless the information is clearly labled as personal memories or views.

Why did setup wikiski and why do they support it? while proudly Australian recognises that Aussies ski and board and play in the snow all around the world. There is a wealth of information in their heads about all things snowsport both in Australia and everywhere there is snow. has always supported sharing the publics knowledge and this dates back to 1997 when we initiated the worlds first public snow reports and continued with public photo galleries, forums, public resort reviews etc. We see wikiski as a logical extension to this.